Unemployed And Over 40 - Now What?

You have worked all of your life since high school, have a good work ethic and never called in sick to work. One day you are let go from your job, now what. The first thing to consider is your emotions. Sit down alone in a quiet place and take an honest inventory of you feelings. It is important that you are alone and in a quiet place so that you are not distracted by the challenges and responsibilities that we face daily. You may be shocked, feel angry, depressed, afraid, useless, unsure of yourself or just worried about the future. Get a notebook and write down all of the things you feel. The more negative the feeling the more specific you need to be. For example if you are worried about the future what specifically concerns you. Is the biggest concern your child's college tuition, the rent, mortgage, or car payment? Are you worried about people questioning you when the find out that you are no longer working? What ever the issue, you must be as specific as possible. Don't stop at one or two issues write them all down.

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Now that you have an inventory of concerns you are in a position of power and need to be congratulated. Not everyone will be willing to take the time and be brutally honest with them selves and make a list. It is this IC (inventory of concerns) list that will help you see what you consider to be major issues. Armed with this list you can start to develop strategies on how to address these issues. For example if your child's college tuition is an issue your child may now be eligible for grants and loans because of the reduction in your income from being unemployed.

Do not get over whelmed by the items on the list but feel empowered because you are in the process of addressing each item on the list. As you address the item on your inventory of concerns (IC) list you can cross the item off and say, "I see". You will see the progress you are making. You will see the issues are easier to deal with when you name and address them. You will see your worries disappear one by one off of the page right before your eyes. This might sound like a simple thing to do but it takes time, an open mind and hard work to accomplish. If you are still unsure that this is something that you can do then stop and think again, you have worked for over 20 years. You have worked long hours for someone else doing a great job. Now you are at the crossroads and it is time to make a change. You are changing from focusing your energies and creativity working for someone else to working on a task that is focused on improving your current position. Yes you can do it, you have a strong work ethic, dedication to the task and besides this is a job that you are doing for the most important person in the world, yourself. Now get that notebook, find a quiet place, make your list and watch your concerns disappear one by one, you'll see. I did.

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