How Important is the Hardship Letter in Order to Get a Home Loan Modification?

In simple terms, a quality hardship letter is crucial. Qualifying for a home loan modification is not guaranteed, but in order to improve your chances greatly you will need to craft a solid, mistake free and honest hardship letter that will grab the bank's agent attention. The main objective of the hardship letter is to explain your current financial situation, why you need help, and how you intend to improve your financial standing.

Knowing what to include and what not to include in your hardship letter can make a big difference in convincing your lender to modify your mortgage. By law your lender does not have to modify your loan, so be polite and flexible. They are after all a business, so don't ask for terms that are outlandish.

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Write the letter with emotion, but at no time make it sound like the world is going to end tomorrow. Instead, opt for a simple explanation, which tells your situation in an honest voice.

Make all attempts to keep the letter relatively short, no longer than two pages. If they see a booklet sized hardship letter they will do two things. Throw it out right away, and come to the conclusion that you are not financially responsible and will not repay them their money back.

The most productive hardship letters are short, truthful, and to the point. They don't include too many details that might hurt your chances, but include enough details to show the lender that you are serious.

Here are a few simple guidelines to get you started if you are still not sure how to write a hardship letter.

-Don't be vague
-Include all necessary information such as bank statements, contact information, unemployment notices
-Suggest new loan terms that both you and your lender can live with
-Be polite, thank your lender for their time
-Write with feeling and emotion, don't be overly dramatic

Although a proper hardship letter is a good step toward achieving your home loan modified, there are more steps and pitfalls that homeowners can fall in to. Homeowners need to learn the subject in and out, know the vocabulary that shows you know what you are talking about so that the lender will not take advantage of you again.

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