Countrywide Loan Modification Program - Get Informed and Get Qualified

If you are a struggling homeowner, you have probably already hear of the Countrywide loan modification program. The first and most important thing to do is learn if you are eligible. Then do everything you need to do to lower your monthly payments and eliminate all other debt as well.

As soon as you begin to enter the process of applying for a Countrywide loan modification, you will be asked to write a financial hardship letter. This letter is very important, it lets the lender know what has lead up to your inability to pay your mortgage. You want to make this letter as convincing as possible so don't skimp on the details or leave anything out. The hardship letter should also include you future plans and how you hope to make your payments in the future.

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You also need to include proof of your income. You will have to submit pay stubs, financial statements and, possibly proof that you are unemployed. The lender may also request a copy of you old bank statements and tax returns, this means your financial statements have to be completed accurately and you cannot make any errors. This is a very complicated process and you need to get everything ready ahead of time.

A convincing hardship letter, all the required documents and a complete, correct application can make or break your chances. If you are trying to get your loan modified so you can make the payments, it is a good idea to get all these things in place the first time. If you don't, your application might be rejected and then you are left with no alternative expect foreclosure. No one wants this to happen, so it is a very good idea to put all your time and energy into applying for a loan modification correctly.

Employees of Countrywide have informed those who are having trouble paying their mortgage of the loan modification program, so they can think about their options. The goal of this program, just like other plans, is to allow as many people as possible to continue to live in their homes. After being accepted into the program, the homeowner will have their monthly payments reduced to 34% of their monthly income. The interest rate is then gradually brought down, so the principal is also reduced. This way, Countrywide hopes to allow homeowners the opportunity to gain back some lost equity and get back on their feet.

This offer is only available to borrowers who are living in the home they have the mortgage on. This is a great opportunity since there are no fees charged for loan modifications and all missed payments are forgiven. There is no reason not to apply for a Countrywide loan modification program, so get started today.

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