What is Foreclosure and How Can Loan Modification Help?

With the economy at its lowest point in memory and unemployment at historically high levels, you may be concerned about your economic future. As you track the news, the buzz surrounding plummeting home values always includes a discussion of foreclosure. It seems that more and more people have to foreclose on their homes. Perhaps you are struggling financially, and you are wondering if foreclosure is a possibility for your home. Maybe you've heard about a loan modification or a mortgage modification as an alternative to foreclosure, but you are unsure as to what any of that means.

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A foreclosure is when the legal ownership of a home ends. In other words, the lending institution that holds your mortgage takes your house and you have no more legal rights to it. This often happens when the monthly mortgage payments have not been made. Usually, the lending institution will sell the house at an auction and use the money from the sale of the house to pay down the remaining mortgage debt.

The current administration is trying to help homeowners avoid foreclosure by working with lenders to offer loan modifications to their customers. A mortgage modification can help you avoid foreclosure when your lending institution changes a portion of the mortgage agreement so that you can afford the monthly mortgage payments. The mortgage holder can reduce the interest rate on the mortgage, or they can lengthen the term of the loan and reduce the interest rate. Changing one or both of these terms of the mortgage will lower the monthly mortgage payments. The goal is for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure and keep their house.

Before deciding that foreclosure is your only option during this difficult economic climate, consider loan modification. Likely you will need to summarize your monthly income and your monthly expenses. You will also need to write a hardship letter along with your application.

If you are serious about mortgage modification, you should look into getting a home loan modification kit. One such kit is 60 minute loan modification; it is basically a loan modification encyclopedia. The kit includes outlines of properly written hardship letters, important information about all major lenders, important to know terms and vocabulary and much more.

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